Congratulations to all our second and third years for passing to next year. A special mention to Marina Gubbins who has been awarded as Intermediate Unit 8 exemplary work and High Pass in TS.



Part 1 examination

Intermediate Unit 8 Part 1 examination will be in unit space starting at 2pm. Please be on time, arrange the room for the visit and prepare all your work. Each student will have 5 minutes to present being all together in the unit space.

3rd year Reviews

The 3rd year reviews will be on Monday 11th of June in the Panel 1 at the Lecture Hall from 10 to 1pm. The presentations will be as follows:

10.00 Maroussia Tasiaux
10.30 Dara Nerweyi
11.00 Zahra Sarbuland (REP)
11.30 Zaina Sweidan
12.00 Marina Gubbins Uccelli

Please bring all your work to the table

Tutorials W7_2

The review of all 3rd years presentations will be on Friday 8th of June at 33FFF as follows:

2 Maroussia
2.30 Marina
3 Dara
3.30 Zaina
4 Zahra

Tutorials W7

Tutorials at the beginning of next week will be as follows:

Monday 4th of June: 5.30 Maroussia (portoflio review), 6. Zaina

Tuesday 5th of June:  5.30 Marina, 6. Dara, 6.30 Zahra

7pm All second Year students

2nd year portfolio reviews and Tutorials

Final second year portfolio reviews will be on Saturday 2nd of June in 32 FFF as follows:

11.00 Maciej
11.30 Sasa
12.00 Romain
12.30 Farah

2 Tamara
2.30 Nacha

Tutorials for 3rd yeasr work in progress will be as follows:
3 Dara
3.30 Zaina
4 Marina
4.30 Zahra
5 Maroussia

Tutorials W6

Tutorials on Tuesday 29th of May will be as follows,

10 Tamara
10.30 Chu
11 Romain
11.30 Nacha
12 Maciej
12.30 Farah
1 Sasa

2.30 Dara
3 Marina
3.30 Zahra
4 Zaina
4.30 Maroussia

Review of all portfolios

We will review all unit portfolios and work in progress in 32FFF on Friday 25th of May as follows:

10 Dara
10.30 Marina
11 Romain
11.30 Chu
12 Farah

2 Sasa
2.30 Maciej
3 Tamara
3.30 Nacha
4 Zaina
4.30 Zahra

These are approximate time slots. It might take longer each portfolio review, so please be patience.